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What is it?

The World's First Blockchain Pet Obituaries

(You do not need to buy or hold any type of cryptocurrency.)

We believe in a web where you can trust data itself without needing to trust who is holding it, or have to keep paying fees and accept their terms. To make this future a reality, we have built a platform for pet owners to own their pets’ online identity whether it’s while they are living or as memorials left for them.

You can list any kind of pet you wish. 

Please note that blockchain domains can vary in costs, the big difference is that blockchain domains are yours to keep forever and there is no renewal.

We provide a dedicated gateway to view all web3/blockchain websites for our community members who have a blockchain profile. Some listings that have been designated as public by the individuals are available to view for our free community members on this website. 

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Step 1

Register your Profile

Fill in this online form here to start the process. If you are unsure of filling in any information, just SMS our team or email and we will help you one-on-one.

Step 2

Hear back from us

We will appoint a support staff to help you with your blockchain enquiry.

Step 3

Photos and content

Work with our support team to develop content, images and video for your blockchain pet obituary website

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